Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Good morning... Have a lovely day...

Like the shining stars and glimmering moonlight
turning devilish night into a beautiful sight
optimism inside us can reignite
ashes of hope spreading its flares far and bright

it's like a boat stuck in the sea
believing one day it will be on it's spree
with optimism we can overcome any difficulty merrily
because i know during my fall god is there to carry me

those twittering birds flying around
no shelter and food still they never frown
optimism teaches us that happiness is not a crown
but having the ability to look beyond our imperfections will never keep us down

like the constant flow of a stream
overcoming the hurdles in it's realm
optimistic mind can aid us to redeem
by reminding us "Dare To Dream"

kudos to the man who discovered optimism
it has rescued many from cataclysm
now i believe i can be the reason
to bring someone a happy season!

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