Thursday, April 5, 2012

Good Morning... Have a lovely day...

God shows his expressions,
In many different ways.
The shinning stars at night,
And the sun with warming rays.

With every blade of green grass,
You see each and every day.
Demonstrates how God loves this world,
And wants his children to play.

And when the waves come high,
And force their way on through.
It's then that God's expressions,
Are showing something new.

And what about loud thunder,
And lightening shows, yikes!
Are God and his angels having fun,
Bowling up some strikes?

We really never know,
What God has planned for us.
But if something in this world makes us happy,
We know God has sent that bless.

So next time you see a bird,
Soaring in the sky.
Know God is also watching,
And is always close by.

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