Sunday, April 8, 2012

Good Morning... Have a fun-filled Sunday...

The world turned on around her
And the clouds they came and went
But she cheerfully accepted
Knowing: "What was meant, was meant."
And many Souls were helped by her,
Her warmth, her gentle mirth,
For she could make a little bit 

Of heaven here on Earth.

And I recall her peace of mind
The wise, so knowing face,
The words of love and gentleness
She brought to every place; 

And Oh, if we could be like her
How very dear our worth
If we could make a little bit 

Of Heaven here on Earth.

And Friends, we are so very often
Selfish in our ways,
We close our eyes to Nature's light, 

The warm sun's golden rays;
You have the key, the choice to give
Your care and healing forth,
To make, with love, a little bit
Of Heaven, Here on Earth!

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