Monday, April 23, 2012

Good morning... Have a cheerful day

I decide what I am to be
never would be the one
who would be held down
by the chains of time
no man, no fear
no superstitions, no tears
would pull me down
into where I came from

I need nothing 
nothing, but my soul
nothing, but my will
nothing, but myself
to take me up
to where I have to get

don't matter what it takes
or what I have to do
even the torments of hell,
the fierce winds,
the raging tides,
I would withstand them all

I would destroy an army,
an army of a million lies
walk over the failures
like men who never giv up
n climb over mountains
of difficulties,
break trough the dams
of uncertainty,
face the darkness
just to be who I am

I am the captain of my soul
and I decide my fate
I choose to be wat I am

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