Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Good Morning... Have a great day...

Breathe like it's your last breath of life,
cry like it's your last tear on earth.
Love your mate like it's never going to be again.

You never know when life will take you by surprise,
Don't ever put off today what you can do tomorrow.
If we all put things off till tomorrow,
we might not live to see that day come.

Everything your mind wanted to do before,
like climb to the highest mountain
and say I love you darlin'
Drive a fast car,
and be the life of air you wanted to be.
Save lives and be everyone's hero.

We say bad things to the ones we love,
or even go to bed mad,
at the ones we adore.
Life is not everlasting,
we don't know when our time is near.

Make life grand for the time we have here,
tell your mate you love them each and everyday.
Tell your parents they are wonderful
for the life they gave you upon this time.

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