Saturday, July 7, 2012

Good Morning... Have a great day...

I believe in you. How easy it is to let those words rise from our heart, over our lips, and into someone else's heart.

I believe in you. How powerful those words are in turning someone's life around and helping them to believe in themselves again.

I believe in you. Oh, the light that just went back on in your child's eyes!

I believe in you. Their smile just beamed brighter than it's ever beamed before.

I believe in you. Yes, you! In spite of the weaknesses and shortcomings that only you see in yourself. I don't see them.

I believe in you. And when you wish upon that star just remember... I made those stars for all of your wishes.

I believe in you. And I believe in your dreams and I know you can make them all come true.... if you believe, too.

I believe in you. I really do.

I believe in you. I always have... and I always will. I promise.

I believe in you.

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