Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good Morning... Have a wonderful day...

Quite sure was I, about my goal,
But knew not which way, to tread!
Someone within ensured me
“Just go on, with head-lights on!

The head-lights illumine
Mere few yards ahead.
I wondered! Its much long,
Long long path ahead!

I didnt know for sure
As to when I could reach
The goal I seek may be
Too far, or out of reach!

Head-lights of mine,
Kept assuring me,
“I am with you, ever,
Illumining your way!
Just keep going! Remember,
Your Journeys on Razors edge!
Hasten slowly but be steady,
Until you reach your final goal!

The journey took me not too far,
To my surprise, I found myself;
I just had to take a turn-within,
Its Bliss, to abide in my Self!

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