Thursday, May 31, 2012

Good morning Have a blessed day...

the scale is wobbling,
Back and forth.
Back and forth; Balance.
How shall you find it? 
I am walking on a rope, a thin thread, 
It is all about not falling.
Emptiness; Tomato sauce is musty, gross. 
Feelings, emptiness, empty can.
Clear the can, on feelings.
Want to get back to them. 
Where are they hiding?
I fell from the rope; the life line. 
It wasn’t that the thread broke.
But I fell off the rope; the life line. 
Happiness and joy; Forgot about them.
That those feelings needs to exist. 
To have time managing; To remember.
Lust. Live and learn. Learn?
Learn to live life? 
Or learn to live for duty?
Or both? 
Sleep, eat, work or study. 
And there in-between? 
Joy and harmony between the progress and present.
Find it deep down in your pocket in the childhood’s treasure. 
There it was.
You lived when you learned.
And you learned when you lived.
Without a thought.

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