Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good Morning... Have a great Sunday...

We all have room to grow, and every day there's
much to learn.
We can only bloom when we know
that what we sow is what we earn.
We must plant a garden deep inside,
and work hard to make it thrive,
for when it's in full bloom, its blossoms
will bear joy and pride.
We can enjoy life and have some fun;
we can spend some time basking in the sun,
but to our dreams,
we must be dedicated too,
before the unique gifts God gave us
can break ground and shine through.
We must not count every broken promise,
nor should we chain another's soul.
We should never depend on others
in order to feel whole.
Instead, we must look inside
to recognize our own worth,
and all we can do
with the knowledge that our garden
can sprout and grow,
because dreams do come true.

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