Saturday, November 3, 2012

Good Morning... Have a nice day...

You start dying the second you're born
so don't let you life be an 80 year-long scorn
about how you should be more careful in the things that you do
live life on the edge and try everything you can get yourself through
don't be a slave to every rule in the book
because back on your life you will look
and regret chances you have never taken
and all the things you have mistaken
yet on the contrary I want you to see
don't rob yourself of whatever you want your life to be
don't throw your life away on one stupid decision
don't get yourself killed and make yourself stop living
the key is not to live as a dare-devil
but to take opportunities you thought you could never
life is  pen, you cannot erase
but the spice of life is variety which is also in good taste


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